What is Average View Time?

Average View Time is the average time, in seconds that a video is viewed per view. However, if a user drags the scrubber (video timeline) backward or stops the...

What is Average View Rate?

Average View Rate is the average percentage of a video that is watched by a user. Learn how to calculate Average View Rate.

What is Advertiser Spend eCPM?

Advertiser Spend eCPM is a programmatic reporting metric showcasing the effective or total cost per thousand impressions that an advertiser spent for a specific time period. Learn how to calculateĀ Advertiser...

What are Auto-Plays?

Auto-Plays is the number of times a video ads play automatically, without any user interaction.

What is Auto-Optimization?

Auto-Optimization is when algorithms or automated decision processes are used to improve campaign performance indicators such as cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-acquisition (CPA) based on available data.

What is Automated Guaranteed (AG)?

Automated Guaranteed (AG), aka Programmatic Guaranteed, Programmatic Premium, Programmatic Direct or Programmatic Reserved is the least common type of Private Marketplace (PMP), which is the most similar to a...

What are Audio Starts?

Audio Starts is a programmatic reporting metric showcasing the amount of audio ads that have started despite the audio ads being user initiated or auto played.

What is an Audience Segment?

Audience Segment is a data segment or group that has common attributes such as demographics, interests or behaviors used to target online advertising campaigns.

What is an Audience?

Audience represents users, known as early adopters, who interact or are most likely to be interested in a product or service.

What is Audience Modeling?

Audience Modeling, aka Lookalike Modeling (LAL) is a data model that is built off of an advertiserā€™s first-party data (usually from customers who visit frequently and/and make purchases) which...